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Would you be interested in a health check for your computer system that would minimise the risk of system failure?
Our PC Health Check extends the life of your existing computer in the same way as servicing your car.
Also, with regular servicing, we would be in a position to recommend repairs when and where appropriate, this would reduce the risk of system failure.

Imagine that your PC failed right now. 

PC Health Check In Ashford Kent

About  The PC Health Check

What is a PC Health Check?
The PC Health Check is to clean, check and identify any potential problems with your computer system.

How much does it cost?
The cost of a PC Health Check is £65.00 per computer.

How much does it save?
The PC Health Check can save a lot of time and money, by helping to prevent computer breakdowns.

Why should you have a PC Health Check?
The PC Health Check can help prevent computer breakdowns and help you to continue running your tasks on your computer with peace of mind.

What happens to my PC during the PC Health Check?
During the PC Health Check,

1. Remove the dust deposits from the internal components of your computer.
2. Check and update windows updates.
3. Check the functionality of the Antivirus Software that is installed.
4. Remove temporary internet files and cookies.
5. Check for malware and remove any infections.
6. Check for missing drivers
7. Check the registry for broken links and fragments left from uninstalled software.
8. Clean the registry if necessary.

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