Remote Computer Support

Sabre Support has been helping home users and small businesses for the past 16 years.

Our aim is to give you peace of mind in knowing that there is someone at the end of the phone to help you with your computer issues no matter how large or small.
We have a wealth of knowledge gained over the last 22 years and we are able to fix most
issues remotely.


Details of our services

These services are a must for day to day running, backup and security of your computer systems


When you call us for advice, we will try to establish your computer issues and give you recommendations on how we can fix them.


System Check:
When you are having issues with your computer, we will perform a basic system check over the phone to help establish the problem.


24/7 Monitoring:
Once you have signed up to our service, your computer will be monitored 24/7 for the following (Loss of internet connection, Antivirus software not functioning, windows updates not working and hard drive capacity reached.


Antivirus Monitoring:
If your Antivirus software is disabled for any reason then we pick it up on our monitoring system and advise you immediately.


Telephone Support:
Our telephone support is enhanced with our wealth of knowledge that has been collected over the 22 years that we have been in business, most issues that would normally take someone hours or days to resolve, we can fix in a matter of minutes saving you time and money.


Remote Support:
With our remote support service, we can physically connect to your computer system over the internet and fix your computer related issues within a matter of minutes.


Quarterly PC Tune-up:
The tune-up service is done 4 times a year and consists of the following, Removal of temporary internet files, temporary files, cookies, spyware and missing and broken links in the registry. During the Tune up we will also check for windows updates and check for missing drivers.


Automated Computer Backup:
With an Automated backup solution you can be sure that your data has been backed up to a world class infrastructure with ultimate resilience against data loss. Our system automatically detects new or changed files and automatically sends them to the cloud over an encrypted link every day at a scheduled time.

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