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  1. Is your antivirus software up to date and scanning regularly for viruses, how often do you check this if at all?
  2. How often do you remove temporary internet files?
  3. How often do you remove temporary files?
  4. How often do you remove cookies?
  5. How often do you run registry cleaners to remove the remnants of programs that haven’t been uninstalled properly and are still clogging your computer?
  6. How often do you check for malware?
  7. How often do you back up your data?
  8. Is your hard drive getting full?
  9. Is your computer overheating and needs servicing?


If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then you probably need our help.



Free telephone advice to discuss computer issues.

System Check

Free one-off system check to highlight potential problems.


Monitoring of your antivirus software, Firewall and Windows updates to make sure that they are working correctly, also monitoring the usage of your hard drive to make sure that it doesn’t go over 90% full.

Antivirus Monitoring

This includes, Installation of a cloud-based antivirus software, so that we can monitor and resolve any potential threats before they damage your system.

Telephone Support

With our Unlimited telephone support, you will have the peace of mind to know that an experienced support technician is at the end of the phone to help you with your computer issues.

Remote Support

With our Remote support, you will have an experienced support technician, physically take control of your computer to resolve your issues.

Quarterly Tune up

Includes the following:

Check antivirus logs, Make sure antivirus software is up to date, Remove Windows Temp files, Remove Temporary Internet files, Remove History, Remove Cookies, Clean Internet Explorer Cache, Empty Recycle Bin, Remove Windows Log Files, Check registry for broken links and remove, Check Registry for Shared dll Files and remove, Check Registry for Unused File Extensions and remove, Check Registry for corrupted Application Paths and remove, Check for Spyware and remove, Check for unwanted Applications and remove and Defragment the Hard Drive.

Automated Backup

With an Automated backup solution, your data is fully backed up to the cloud, so you never have to worry about it.

You can be sure that your data is stored on a word class infrastructure with ultimate resilience against data loss, so if your computer failed, you can rest assure that your data is safe.

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